A Review Of Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day

Many individuals would want a day to be longer than 24 hours, but it's never going to happen. Nonetheless, if you get a copy of Keith Bailey and Karen Leland's book, Time Management In An Instant, you'll realize that adding more hours to your day is not the solution to your problems; rather, the solution is learning to effectively manage the time that you do have. By using the book, you'll be able to do exactly that.

There are a large number of books that cover the subject of time management, so what sets this one above the rest? It probably didn't escape your notice that the book's title has the word "instant". Please note, however, that the authors take that word very seriously. This book is filled with suggestions and insights with regards to how you can manage your time effectively at the soonest possible time.

One reason this book is very helpful is that the writers invested a tremendous amount of time delving into the reasons why people are unable to manage their time on the job. The most typical reason is that people just feel overwhelmed, and this book directly covers the issue of being overwhelmed and offers advice on how to stay away from the common trappings which set the stage for being so overwhelmed. The moment you can actually deal with being overwhelmed, you will soon realize that you can manage your work day much better.

The advice in this book is extremely helpful because it comes in the form of taking modest incremental steps to achieve individual small goals. People feel overwhelmed and overloaded mainly because they have numerous huge tasks staring at them and they don't know where to start. After reading Time Management In An Instant, you are going to know where exactly and how to start. Mainly, you focus on the small tasks. These tasks are often faster to complete, so the more small tasks you complete, the more you can actually chip away at the total work volume you have to handle. Any time you complete small, targeted tasks, your ability to manage your day will be significantly improved.

The book is easy to read. You aren't going to find jargon here. The steps supplied by the authors are easy to follow. Simply put, you'll not find this book to be complicated. The organization of the material in the book is equally well put together and this ensures you will be able to follow along with the material presented in it. Any person who wishes to develop effective time management skills would not want to have to read page after page of complicated text. Time Management In An Instant is an outstanding book. If you're seeking to develop better time management skills, don't be without this book.

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